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Welcome to the Ohio Direct Sales Network!


*To provide career-minded direct sales representatives with a networking environment to exchange business ideas and address topics unique to the direct sales profession.
*To support our communities through volunteer services, monetary and product donations to non-profit organizations.
*To create a passion and enthusiasm for the direct sales profession by sharing the knowledge and wisdom gained from the network."


* Training in the form of shared knowledge between other direct sales representatives
* Exclusivity for individual companies (i.e. one rep per company)
* Power of networking with career-focused individuals
* Local and national networking abilities
* Drawing power for national speakers and trainers as a large group
* Loyalty to companies in the group, automatic customers
* Website advertisement
* Event advertisements
* Member only access to National Direct Sales Network website


Join us at our monthly Multi-Vendor Quarter Auction©!!!

Our Multi-Vendor Quarter Auctions© are held the first Thursday of the month at the Glen Mary Knights of Columbus Hall in Forest Park. 

Click here for more info about our Quarter Auction© event.




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